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Natural Soaps are handmade soaps & body-care products are created with love and care, using only the finest ingredients that nature has to offer ~ coconut oil, palm oil, jojoba, palm oil, olive oil, quality essential oils, and herbs.

Why choose a natural handmade soap?

Handmade soap created using a very different method from commercially processed soap. Most mass produced commercial soaps have the natural glycerin removed and contain detergent, foaming agents, synthetic perfumes and a whole list of unpronounceable chemicals. No wonder they dry and irritate skin! Our unique natural and hand crafted soaps made from pure vegetable and essential oils. The ingredients have been slowly hand blended at low temperatures to preserve the vital nutrient and skin care properties of the plant oil ingredients. They cleanse tone and nourish the skin without causing dryness. Try our soaps and you will feel the difference immediately. The rich creamy lather feels luxurious and the scent of pure essential oils delight the senses. Soap D'or offers only handmade soaps made from melt and pour soaps used in our products.. We believe in giving our customers excellent products not made synthetically.

Feel the difference!

Many mass-produced soaps and skin care products are full of chemical preservatives, detergents and other artificial additives. Product only needs to have 5% natural ingredients included for them to called a 'natural' product! Skin is the largest organ of our body and constantly bombarding it with chemicals and preservatives cannot be good for our health. We only use pure ingredients in our soaps but with no chemical preservatives or foaming agents. People often comment commercial soaps dries and irritates their skin. However, once they try our natural soap and feel the difference for themselves they are often astounded at the creamy rich lather and how soft and smooth it leaves their skin. We know that once people try our soap, they are converted and find it difficult to use commercial blend soaps again. We have customers who have been using our soaps since the business began more two years ago.

Product Information

Soap D'or soaps are hot process soap, completely finishing the saponification process and removing the excess water. The soaps made from natural ingredients such as ground or whole chamomile, lavender and calendula flowers. The soaps are left to dry for 2 days. The customers can guarantee the product will be safe to use. Coloring is added only by the customers' request. The natural coloring of the soaps comes from the herbs used in the cooking process. If the customer wishes to have color in the soap, mica grade colors are used. No crayon, food coloring or anything artificial used. The herbs used in the soaps will have a dark appearance. It is a wonderful soap. Don't let the color fool is not a fudge you can eat. It is a soap "fudge" for your skin. Beauty of this soap, it has no calories.

Standard ingredients used in the soaps are sodium sulfate or lye, vegetable fats and emu oil. Reason one animal fat is used because the wonderful qualities of the emu oil. It is known to help skin disorders, help ease muscle pain. However, if you prefer not have Emu oil in the soaps or creams let us know.

Creams and lotion made from vegetable wax (stearic acid), water, vegetable oils or emu oil. Bath surprises formerly called bath bombs made from citric acid, baking soda and herbs.

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